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Wolfram Cerberus (ウルフラム・サーベラス, Urufuramu Sāberasu?) a Level 5 Burst Linker who is a member of the Acceleration Research Society. He is the least antagonistic member of the group.


Wolfram Cerberus exhibits a different personality depending on which head is active.

  • Cerberus I (center head) is the main personality. It is this personality that was created directly from the Burst Linker's mind. He is an earnest and hard-working sort, but his interactions with Silver Crow leave a bitter taste in his mouth as to the mission he was given.
  • Cerberus II (left shoulder) is a memory copy of a previous Burst Linker. It is very aggressive, and it resents Silver Crow for having destroyed the one thing that made its existence necessary - the Disaster Armor.
  • Cerberus III (right shoulder) is a memory copy of Dusk Taker, complete with his Demonic Commandeer ability. It is this personality that the Acceleration Research Society planned to have as the "host" for the new Calamity Armor.


Wolfram Cerberus is implied to be an artificially created metal-color Duel Avatar, which means that the Acceleration Research Society likely controlled his real-life environment well enough to cause him to become a metal-color. Nothing else is known about his past.


A young middle school boy with short, dark hair.

Plot Outline[]

Wolfram Cerberus is introduced in volume 11 as an extremely strong up-and-coming Burst Linker, having defeated many higher-level foes with his powerful Ability, Physical Immunity. After defeating Frost Horn, he challenges Silver Crow, and is able to beat him. However, the next day, he loses for the first time to Silver Crow, who is able to use his Guard Reversal technique to use the terrain's inherent unbreakable properties to deal damage to Cerberus even when his Physical Immunity was active. However, before he was defeated, his personalty switched to Cerberus II, which latched onto Silver Crow's arm and used Wolf Down to copy his Aviation Ability. However, it couldn't use it for long, and fell to the ground, losing the rest of his health.

The next day, he intrudes on a match between Silver Crow and Ash Roller, making it a Battle Royale. During this battle, he successfully counters Crow's technique, but can't land a decisive blow. Silver Crow then persuades him to come with him and enjoy Brain Burst the way it was meant to be played. Unfortunately, Argon Array suddenly appears in the battle and damages all three of them with her lasers. She's fought off by Aqua Current and Silver Crow.

After the battle, Cerberus gets up the courage to show his face to Haruyuki, but runs away, unable to break himself free of the Acceleration Research Society's psychological grasp.

He finally reappears in the sanctuary where the Calamity Armor Mark II is created; he had leveled up to five in order to gain access to the Unlimited Neutral Field, but had less than ten Burst Points remaining because of his mission. He does battle with Silver Crow, but soon after, his personality is switched to Cerberus III, who proceeds to use Demonic Commandeer to steal three of Scarlet Rain's Enhanced Armaments. Then, with the negative energy sent to him from the ISS Kit Main Body, he transforms into Calamity Armor Mark II.

After a long battle, he is finally defeated, but before Lime Bell can retrieve the last Enhanced Armament he had stolen using her Citron Call, he is forcibly disconnected from the Unlimited Neutral Field.


Wolfram Cerberus[]

Like his name suggests, his avatar is a brownish color similar to that of wolfram, another name for tungsten. Because wolfram is the most physically sturdy metal, his physical defense is top-class. He has three heads, which decide what personality and Abilities he has, though two are inert at all times.


Depending on who is the dominant personality, his abilities vary.

  • Cerberus 1 (center head) has Physical Immunity, which grants him near-total immunity to all incoming physical damage. It is an activation-type Ability. Energy can still affect him in this state, and extremely high amounts of physical damage - such as those utilizing terrain against him - can still hurt him.
  • Cerberus 2 (left shoulder) has Wolf Down. By biting off a part of the enemy Avatar, he can copy his enemy's ability exactly without depriving his enemy's own ability.
  • Cerberus 3 (right shoulder) is Demonic Commandeer, the ability of Dusk Taker.


  • His Avatar is based on the mythical Cerberus of Greek mythology, which had three heads, each with a different personality.
  • Reki Kawahara revealed in the afterword of Volume 12 that a fan had designed a Duel Avatar for the contest they were running at the time that was nearly exactly like the idea for Wolfram Cerberus that he already had. The fan's Duel Avatar was named Tungsten Kerberos, and had a similar three-head three-personality idea. Incidentally, the three winners had their Duel Avatars canonized in Volume 13 as Blaze Heart, Peach Parasol, and Ochre Prison.