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Wakamiya Megumi (若宮 恵, Wakamiya Megumi?) is a student at Umesato Junior High School and is a close friend of Kuroyukihime. She is also the secretary of the student council and is in charge of publishing the Literature Club's Club Bulletin[1].


Megumi has short, light brown hair and olive green eyes. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform that consists of a light blue blazer with a white shirt underneath and a blue bowtie.

During the trip to Okinawa, she had on a casual outfit. It was a brown fedora hat with a pink stripe on it. She was also wearing a short yellow dress with white frills at the end.


Megumi has a very cheery personality and likes to have fun whenever she can especially around Kuroyukihime. She is very close friends with Kuroyukihime, and is the only person who addresses her by the nickname "Hime", indicating their intimacy.

However, during their time in Okinawa, it is revealed that she can become quite depressed as she stated to Kuroyukihime that she is lonely more frequently when she is not around her as she seems to spend more time in a different world than Megumi. She also has a mischievous perverted side, shown when she gropes her best friend's chest on two occasions.

Megumi has also been shown to be more jealous now of Haruyuki because of him growing closer to Kuroyukihime, which Megumi perceives as a threat to their relationship.


Megumi lives with her parents and elder sister in Honchō Nakano-ku[2]. She is revealed to be Kuroyukhime's closest friend, sharing the same class with her as well as being a part of the student council.

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc[]

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In 2046, Haruyuki Arita arrives in the popular student lounge. Megumi was one of the first people to address him, politely asking if he's lost while the others around them gossiped that Haru shouldn't be here. Suddenly, Kuroyukihime address Haru directly, explaining to everyone that she invited him. She then made a cable link with the boy. Just then, Araya and his gang appear, looking to exact their lunch extortion on Haru. Kuroyukihime intentionally provoked him, causing him to punch Haru and send him slamming into her, giving her a small but bloody scratch. Araya and his gang were then arrested.

The next day, Kuroyukihime and Haru got into cable link again. After they disconnected, Megumi walked up to them and asked Kuroyukihime as to her business with Haru. Picking up her tea cup, Kuroyukihime says that she tried to ask Haru out but he rejected her. Everyone, including Haru, saw their jaws drop and shook the school with a big, "WHAAAAAT?!" Even more surprising was that after school, when confronted by Kurashima Chiyuri, Kuroyukihime announced to everyone that Haru is now her boyfriend and dragged him away for their first date.

A few days later, after Kuroyukihime was hospitalized by a car crash caused by Araya, Megumi visited her and helped her friend make ponytails. When Haru arrived, Megumi excused herself.

Dusk Robber (Side Story)[]

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Orchid Oracle

Orchid Oracle (オーキッドオラクル, Ōkiddo Orakuru) is the name of Megumi's Brain Burst avatar. Its appearance is very princess-like, manifesting as a pale-skinned girl wearing a pink dress and hat, with curly blonde hair and a magical scepter. It is implied that Megumi was a Burst Linker during her childhood, which she now remembers in the form of reading a storybook. At some point, Brain Burst was uninstalled from her, although she can still access it in specific situations. Although she was only shown in this form for a very limited time, Megumi displayed the ability to force a transition in the Unlimited Neutral Field, instantly changing the Unlimited Burst stage of ruined lands into a vast ocean. She named this technique Paradigm Revolution.


  • In episode 24 at 11:37 as the train pulls away from the station, her eyes can be seen glowing bright red.


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