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The Seven Arcs are the famous 7 Enhanced Armaments, each representing a star of the Ursa Major/Big Dipper. Some of it are currently in possession of some of the Kings. They are all known to be originated from the Unlimited Neutral Field. Their name are taken from Eastern Asia star names in "Seven Stars of the Northern Ladle", or in English, "Big Dipper". First four of them are originally placed in the deepest part of four underground dungeon located to the N/S/E/W of the forbidden city, with the remaining more powerful three stored inside it.


  1. "The Impulse" - currently owned by the Blue King, Blue Knight, is a blue sword which possesses a high offensive ability. No other details are known.
  2. "The Tempest" - currently owned by the Purple King, Purple Thorn, is a 1.5 metres long pewter staff in a shade of purple which has a strong lightning attack, according to Nickel Doll. No other details are known.
  3. "The Strife" - currently owned by the Green King, Green Grandee, is a gigantic green shield which resembles a cross and has a yellow jewel in the center. It is used by the Green King as a shield to defend himself from the attacks of the Chrome Disaster, which apparently is on par with its attacks. The ability 'Double Payback' is an ability granted by The Strife.
  4. "The Luminary" - previously owned by the White King, White Cosmos. It has the ability to control monster. This was used on Metatron, the guardian of said arc, to make her guard  the Acceleration Research Society's main headquarters. However, it was destroyed by Silver Crow. It is currently unknown if it still exists at this point.[1]
  5. "The Infinity" - currently owned by Azure Heir, is a sword with infinitely increasing strength so long as it is sheathed. It has been used twice as of Volume 7.
  6. "The Destiny" - First acquired by Chrome Falcon and then given to Saffron Blossom. And due to an event, Chrome Falcon impurified the Destiny with his rage and curse and transform it into the Disaster Armor. After it has been passed to the fifth owner, Silver Crow, he manage to summon the purified form of the Destiny instead the twisted Disaster Armor and calm the rage inside of it. After it has been purified by Ardon Maiden, Silver Crow left it along with Star Caster in a residence owned by Saffron Blossom and Chrome Falcon in their card form.
  7. "The Fluctuating Light" - in the center of forbidden city. Physically in the most core part of BB2039 central server, it is nigh-impossible to obtain due to numerous God-class Enemies having spawn points set in the hall where it resides. No other details are known.



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