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A Stage is a specific virtual environment used in Brain Burst 2039 for normal duels as well as for the Unlimited Neutral Field. Many different stages exist, and each has its own set of attributes.


Brain Burst creates a stage as a sort of "skin" on video data pulled from the Social Camera Network. Essentially, it generates a three-dimensional version of the Burst Linker's current location and applies certain effects to it. For example, the Twilight Stage is always at low light, and its buildings are easy to destroy.

Each stage has a certain attribute: Fire, Water, Wood, Dark, and Light. The first three are referred to as "nature"-type, and the second two as "special"-type. This has an effect on the semi-random stage transition process, as well as affecting enemy strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Archangel Metatron is at her weakest state on Dark-attribute Stages, making challenging her during this time almost a necessity.

Stages of the same attribute differ in "strength" as well. This equates roughly to how "pure" the stage is - for example, the Hell Stage is the most "powerful" Dark-attribute stage, and the Purgatory-stage is less powerful than it.

One important distinction between stages is the ability to enter buildings. For example, you can't go inside buildings on the Era's End stage, but you can in the Twliight stage.


An Object is a specific element of the stage, like a building, ice formation, or non-player creature. Many stages have these, and sometimes they have a great effect on the outcome of duels. Destroying these Objects will fill a Duel Avatar's Special Gauge, and is often employed as a strategy.

Stage Transition[]

A Transition refers to the overwriting and refreshing of the Unlimited Neutral Field by replacing what Stage it's set on. They happen at irregular intervals; the exact timing is thought to be random. However, Iron Pound reveals that there is a method to the madness.

The next stage selected follows something of a pattern. First, the amount of time a Stage will be active can be anywhere from 3 to 10 (accelerated) days, but no longer than that. In addition, the stage selected afterwards always has a different attribute, so a Fire-attribute stage will never Transition to another Fire-attribute stage.

However, Great Wall's research found that if the game rotates between the three nature-attribute stages for a long period of time, then a "powerful" Dark- or Light-attribute stage will appear afterwards.

List of Known Stages[]

  • Era's End Stage
  • Twilight Stage
  • Purgatory Stage
  • Erosion Stage
  • Chaos Stage
  • Construction Stage
  • Graveyard Stage (Dark)
  • Wasteland Stage
  • Demon Castle Stage
  • Desert Stage
  • Icy Stage (Water)
  • Shopping Mall Stage
  • Moonlight Stage
  • Stormy Stage (Water)
  • Prehistoric Forest Stage (Wood)
  • Heian Stage
  • Burnt Stage (Fire)
  • Steel Stage
  • Mortal Sin Stage (Dark)
  • Light Rain Stage (Water)
  • Lava Stage (Fire)
  • Aurora Stage (Light)
  • Sacred Ground Stage (Light)
  • Hell Stage (Dark)
  • Heaven Stage (Light)
  • Rotting Forest Stage (Wood)
  • Fairy World Stage
  • Gorai Stage