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Shinomiya Utai (四埜宮 謡, Shinomiya Utai?) is a Level 7 Burst Linker associated with the element of fire and was a member of Nega Nebulus before Black Lotus' disappearance. She was in the group known as Elements. She does however rejoin Nega Nebulus after meeting Kuroyukihime again. She's a fourth grader attending Matsunoki Elementary. Utai uses BIC so that she can communicate with others after the shock of her brother's death.[2]


Utai was the 'Fire' of the Elements, a group of element-themed Burst Linkers loyal to Black Lotus until her disappearance. She was born in a family of Noh performers and started performing at a very young age. Utai enjoyed doing the performance and thought that she would be able to perform even when she is older. However, her family traditions do not allow a female to perform after a certain age which deeply saddens her. Her brother, Mirror Masker, tried to cheer her up by installing Brain Burst program onto her. However, the Ardor Maiden turned out to be from Utai's wish to continue being a performer. Mirror Masker then felt guilty for installing the Brain Burst program into his sister and went to beg his family to allow his sister to continue to perform. That was when huge mirrors fell onto him killing him. Utai who witnessed the scene lost her ability to talk except for the two brain burst commands as well as her life as a Noh performer.[2]


Utai has black, mid-length hair, and brown eyes. She is slightly shorter than Arita Haruyuki.

Plot Outline[]

Utai found a Northern White-faced Owl and had trouble getting a place to take care of it. She then asked Kuroyukihime for help which caused Kuroyukihime to lend her a sports uniform in Umesato High School. There she meets Haruyuki who was one of the animal caretakers due to a misunderstanding.


Ardor Maiden[]

Ardor Maiden's appearance

Her Duel Avatar, Ardor Maiden has a Japanese priestess-like figure.The avatar was said to born from her sadness of not being able to be a Noh performer when she is older. Ardor Maiden used to be white with a dress that was only lightly red until Mirror Masker's death which changed it into bright red. She is nicknamed ‘Testarossa’ in the accelerated world.


Ardor Maiden can cleanse avatars of objects with parasitic attributes and bestow supportive buffs. She is also a skilled user of the Incarnate System, possessing several powerful area-of-effect abilities. One of them creates a fire that burns everything around her to the point that the ground becomes molten lava. However, it takes a long time to activate due to its complexity. She also has an Enhanced Armament called «Flame Caller», a fire attribute bow. Sky Raker often threw her into the enemies' field. Kuroyukihime also described ardor Maiden as Sky Raker's personal equipment.


  • She makes a cameo appearance at the end of Episode 24 in her shrine maiden outfit in real life.
  • Ardor Maiden had a brief meeting with Scarlet Rain before the first generation Nega Nebulus disbanded when Sky Raker threw Ardor Maiden right in front of Scarlet Rain during the territory battles.