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Template:Character Saxe Lauder (サックス・ローダー, Sakkusu Rōdā?) is a Burst Linker and a member of the Yellow Legion, Crypt Cosmic Circus.


Saxe Lauder's short appearance reveals that he is very confident in his skills. During the battle where the Yellow Legion ambushes Black Lotus' team, Sax Lauder confidently boasted that he was superior in battle compared to Cyan Pile.


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Currently Unknown

Plot Outline[]

Crimson Storm Princess Arc[]

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Saxe Lauder appears along with his legion in the Unlimited Neutral Field to kill the Red King, Scarlet Rain who is currently trying to stop Chrome Disaster with the help of Nega Nebulus. Before the fight begins, Yellow Radio is able to incapacitate Black Lotus by simply guilting her on the crime that she committed which was the death of Red Rider, the first Red King. Afterwards, Yellow Radio uses his ability, Silly-Go-Round to confuse Silver Crow and the others. Taking advantage of the illusion, Saxe Lauder goes in and attacks Cyan Pile while boasting that he was able to best him. However, Cyan Pile uses his remaining power and uses his Splash Stinger technique to take out Saxe Lauder and himself.


Saxe Lauder[]

Saxe Lauder appears to be based on a giant robot. He has a large body with a small, round head with one yellow optic. Attached to the back, he has multiple manipulative-like arms with one having a drill attached to it and another that has a blade at the end.


Saxe Lauder's Weapons.

Although Saxe Lauder's battle was brief, he was able to show that he indeed does have great power and durability. He is able to use his blade to pierce Cyan Pile's armor and uses the manipulative arms to move him. However, he was still bested by Cyan Pile's combat prowess and skills.


  • In his fight with Cyan Pile, he never had a chance to fully state his name only saying Saxe, but his full name is listed as Saxe Lauder.
  • Saxe Lauder along with the magnetic-based Duel Avatar make a cameo appearance in the illustrations of the Volume 14 of the Light Novel.