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The Physical Full Burst is a feature of the Brain Burst program reserved for Burst Linkers of level 9 or above. The Physical Full Burst is the ultimate and final "power" granted to users of Brain Burst.

While the normal Brain Burst accelerates neural activity and thought processes a thousand times by separating the consciousness from the body, thereby allows the user to enter a world in between constructed based on the reality by using surveilence cameras as a point of view, the Physical Full Burst takes this to an even higher level.

By accelerating not only the neural activity but also nerve signals and heart rate of the body, the Physical Full Burst allows a burst linker to move his/her physical body while being accelerated by 100 times, thus allowing acceleration to be used in the real world as well at its fullest. Understandably, this puts a massive strain on the said linker's body as the body is forced to move at speeds far beyond normal capacity.

This power comes at a price, however, and will toll the user beyond the physical backlash by removing 99% of his/her remaining Burst Points, regardless of the points he/she has currently.