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Oscillatory Universe (オシラトリ・ユニヴァース, Oshiratori Yunivāsu?) is a Legion also known as the White Legion. It is led by the White King, White Cosmos. Their territory is located in the Minato area. The central base is located in an all girls' school within the area.


Not much is known about this legion. However, in volume 14, it is speculated that this legion is cooperating with the Acceleration Research Society.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Status
Unknown White Cosmos Legion Master Active
Unknown Snow Fairy 2nd Seat of the Seven Dwarfs (Sleepy) Active
Unknown Rose Milady 3rd Seat of the Seven Dwarfs (Grumpy) Active
Unknown Ivory Tower/Black Vise 4th Seat of the Seven/Vice President of the ARS Active
Unknown Glacier Behemoth[1] 7th Seat of the Seven Dwarfs (Sneezy) Active
Unknown Shadow Cloaker Member Active
Wakamiya Megumi Orchid Oracle[2] Member Active


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