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Originator is the term used to refer to first-generation Burst Linkers. They obtained the Brain Burst 2039 program directly from its developer, and thus do not have Parents. Yuniko Kōzuki (Scarlet Rain) considers them to be "real monsters", based on the strength they've gained from sheer amount of time they've spent in the Accelerated World.


In the year 2039, the Brain Burst program was sent out anonymously to about one hundred first-graders living in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. However, many of them did not survive; after a year, only twenty Originators were left.

Special Privileges[]

In order to create a larger player base for Brain Burst, Originators were granted the ability to "recruit" as many Children as they wanted to. They also were given a program that checks the compatibility of a potential Child.

However, during the early days of Brain Burst, some Originators abused this feature by "farming" recruited Children for their Burst Points.

Known Originators[]