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Nickel Doll (ニッケル・ドール, Nikkeru Dōru?) is a burst linker who fought against Haruyuki and Akira with her partner, Sand Duct. Her real world identity is currently unknown.


Nickel Doll is well-mannered whenever she participates in matches. However, it can change radically whenever the situation worsens for her, making her frustrated and acting almost childish. However, she is able to recompose herself when she becomes serious. She does however dislikes someone if they are to reveal the nature of her tricks and attacks.


Currently Unknown


Currently Unknown

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)[]

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Nickel Doll reveals herself along with Sand Duct after being challenged by Silver Crow and Aqua Current. Aqua Current reveals Nickel Doll's ability to create electricity which angered her as she is revealing all of her tricks. She then goes into a one on one fight with Silver Crow. Doll fights Crow in hand-to-hand combat, but Crow managed to grab her leg and toss her with himself into the toxic swamp. However, she becomes frustrated after finding out that because Silver Crow is resistant to poison due to the silver of his body. She then takes advantage of the fact that Silver is the most conductive of metals and attacks him with her electric attack. Silver Crow manages to escape her attack by flying out of the toxic swamp and promptly attacks her with a dive attack.

However, as the smoke and rain cleared, it is revealed that Doll was saved by her partner, Sand Duct. After her partner explained on the importance of teamwork, Crow was able to explain his side of teamwork. Doll however, becomes angered as she states he is trying to sound cool and tells Sand Duct that they will now finish both Crow and Current with their Ultra Gorgeous finishing move which is a joint attack between the two of them. Sand Duct uses his ability, Turbo Molecular to create a vacuum aroung Silver Crow drawing him closer into a close-combat situation. Nickel is then able to create electricity and injure Silver Crow because of Duct's vacuum. Before Nickel and Sand could finish off Crow, Aqua Current interupts their attack and insulates Nickel's electricity. Surprised by Aqua Current's ability to insulate, Nickel Doll and Sand Duct are both taken out by Silver Crow's Dive Attack.


Nickel Doll[]

Nickel Doll resembles closely to what her name states. Her appearance gives off a doll-like appearance with two large, yellow eyes. Her body is comprised of the element, nickel. Her hair is in two large pigtails and five smaller ones in the back. Nickel Doll's attire is a long, light blue dress.


Nickel Doll's ability to create electricity.

Nickel Doll's abilities revolve around electricity. Since her entire body is made of nickel, she is able to produce electric currents in her hands[1]. After producing electricity through her hands with one hand possessing an anode and the other possessing a cathode, she either has to make direct contact with her opponent in order to damage them with it or by discharging it through another conducter such as water or silver. She is very knowledgeable about elements and especially conducters as it is the key for her attacks to work. Nickel Doll has also been shown to be a competent hand to hand combatant as well which is seen during her fight against Silver Crow. Nickel Doll is able to joint attack with Sand Duct, when he creates a air vacuum around their opponent and she is able to discharge the electricity due to the low air pressure breaking down the electrodes' insulation.



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