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Nega Nebulus (ネガ・ネビュラス, Nega Nebyurasu?) is a Legion also known as the Black Legion. It is led by the Black King, Black Lotus. The main goal of the Legion is to defeat the six other Kings and reach level 10 to meet the developer of Brain Burst.


The stronghold in Nega Nebulus territory

Nega Nebulus was one of the seven Legions that were led by a level nine Burst Linker, commonly referred to as a King. However, after Black Lotus killed the Red King, Red Rider, she took the rest of the legion on an attack on the Imperial Palace. She split her forces into four groups to attack each of the Four Gods simultaneously, but Nega Nebulus was defeated on all fronts. This led to the disbanding of the Legion, and Black Lotus went into hiding.

Two years later, though, Black Lotus revived Nega Nebulus with just three members – herself, Silver Crow, and Cyan Pile, and aim for the "end" of the Accelerated World.

Recently, Nega Nebulus has absorbing other legions. The first legion absorbed was Petit Paquet. The latest legion is Prominence after both kings agreed and sealed with a handshake.


Nega Nebulus's home is in the Suginami ward, where it controls all three Combat Areas in the ward itself. To the north is Prominence, and to the east are Leonids and Great Wall.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Level Status
Kuroyukihime Black Lotus Legion Master 9 Active
Fūko Kurasaki Sky Raker Legion Submaster, Elements 8 Active
Akira Himi Aqua Current Elements 1 Active
Utai Shinomiya Ardor Maiden Elements 7 Active
Haruyuki Arita Silver Crow Member 6[1] Active
Takumu Mayuzumi Cyan Pile Member 6[2] Active
Chiyuri Kurashima Lime Bell Member 5 Active
Shihoko Nago Chocolate Puppeteer Member 5 Active
Yume Yuruki Mint Mitten Member Active
Satomi Mito Plum Flipper Member Active
Rui Odagiri Magenta Scissors Member 6 Active
Metatron Metatron A.I. Member N/A Active
Unknown Graphite Edge Former member and Elements 8 Joined Great Wall
Unknown Glass Monarch Former member Deceased



The Elements is a group of four elemental-themed Burst Linkers who served under Black Lotus until her disappearance. They were the most powerful Burst Linkers of the original Nega Nebulus. The four members are:

Most of them went MIA after their disastrous attempt of defeating the Four Gods of the Imperial Palace, rumored to be the final dungeon of Brain Burst and one of the game's possible "winning conditions." Sky Raker went into hiding, but Ardor Maiden and Aqua Current were both trapped in an "infinite Enemy Kill" status by Suzaku and Seiryuu, respectively. Seiryuu's unique Level Drain Ability also caused Aqua Current to revert to level 1 and lose all her Burst Points but did not lose Brain Burst. Graphite Edge is also in an infinite EK state with Genbu.

As of the end of the ISS Kit arc, all but Graphite Edge have returned as active members to Nega Nebulus.

Latest revelations revealed that Graphite Edge is now part of Great Wall as the First Seat of the Six Layered Armor.[3]


  • Like the other six Great Legions, Nega Nebulus takes its name from astronomical phenomena. "Nega Nebulus" is harder to place than the others and translates to "negative nebula," meaning unknown. Also, the Latin word for "nebula" is spelled "nebulas."


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