Mystical Reins is an Enhanced Armament that was used by Sulfur Pot in order to capture and tame the legendary enemy, Nidhogg. They are reins with spikes attached to each end. It allows the user to effectively capture and tame any monster in the Unlimited Neutral Field. Sulfur Pot uses it to capture Nidhogg and tamed it to where it will follow his orders. He nicknamed it "Nick" and uses it in his fight with Black Lotus and Crimson Kingbolt where he uses his moves in conjunction with it. However, it is knocked off by Black Lotus' Death By Piercing and "Nick" effectively betrays it's master shortly after it was removed. It is later given to Black Lotus by Crimson Kingbolt after he found it and decided to give it to her as a gift for helping him. Black Lotus later used them on a flying horse enemy to get to the battle of Silver Crow, Cyan Pile,Lime Bell, Dusk Taker and Black Vise.

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