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With the release of the Accel World anime, many soundtracks were released, including those for the opening themes, ending themes, background music, and image songs. This page is a list of official releases.

Theme Songs[]

Album Title Artist Usage
Chase the World May'n Opening theme (Episode 1-13)
Burst the Gravity ALTIMA Opening theme (Episode 14-24)
→unfinished→ Kotoko Ending theme (Episode 1-13)
Unite Sachika Misawa Ending theme (Episodes 14-24)


Release Date Album Title Artist Notes
2012-07-25 Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. Hiroyuki Ooshima Hiroyuki Ooshima Contains the song Re-incarnate (ex)
2012-08-29 Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. onoken onoken
2012-09-26 Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. MintJam MintJam

Bonus CDs[]

Each DVD/BD release on Japan came packaged with a bonus CD as a pre-order bonus. The first three are pieces of the soundtrack by each of the three composes for the series, and the last five feature image songs based on the main characters.

Release Date Volume CD Title Notes
2012-07-25 1 re acceleration BGM feat. Hiroyuki Ooshima
2012-08-29 2 re acceleration BGM feat. onoken
2012-09-26 3 re acceleration BGM feat. MintJam
2012-10-24 4 re acceleration image song Re-incarnate
2012-11-28 5 re acceleration image song sympathia
2012-12-26 6 re acceleration image song quest for genesis
2013-01-30 7 re acceleration image song feat. yashikin
2013-02-27 8 re acceleration image song Fadeless Memories

Drama CDs[]

Release Date Title Notes
2012-04-06 Accel World + Sword Art Online Drama CD
2013-03-27 Accel World REGION RECORDS 1 Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki, Chiyuri
2013-04-24 Accel World REGION RECORDS 2 Takumu, Yuniko, Fuuko
Cancelled Accel World REGION RECORDS 3