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Template:Character Metatron is a God Class Enemy who gained self-awareness due to her time in the Unlimited Field.


Her personality is that of a high-class lady switching between dominating and kind.


She was once the guardian of The Luminary, one of the Seven Arcs located on the Contrary Cathedral in the Unlimited Field. After White Cosmos obtained it, she lured Metatron away and used its ability to control her. She became a guard for the Acceleration Research Society's main headquarters.[1] She is now partnered with Silver Crow to find out her purpose by investigating the Imperial Palace.[2]


She has many appearances. The first one is a large monster with a pointed head with a halo, numerous wings, and a long, enormous tail. Her second appearance is an angel of average height complete with halo and wings. She can also assume a smaller form resembling a fairy.

Plot Outline[]

The Beginning and the End[]


  • Trisagion – a very powerful laser that can penetrate Green Grandee's nigh invulnerable defenses and wide range.




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