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  • Hii, sorry I'm new here, when was this wiki founded? It seems there's a lot of mixed dates for joining, I'm a bit confused.

    Also, can I help out with the wikia too? :D

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    • Well, the reason this wiki is hidden for now is because there are actually a wiki for accel world already existed (, but most (if not all) active editors refuses to contribute as long as Robyn ( is still a bureaucrat there. We already went through heated discussion, heated poll to drag her down, and contact a FANDOM staff about this matter, but none worked. I know this barely give you any detail of the story, so if you want to know the detail, call me from my message board (this keep notifying mtt, that's why). So, the reason this Wikia is kept hidden is because we don't want her to disturb us or get involved here in any way. That's why we want to us become representable first to make it harder to attack us.

      And you are free the make the anime mainpage, but for each episode we already have and so on. But we lack of redirects like episode 1 and so on because the original wiki remove them (damn Robyn) and I keep delaying it because I have too much work to do.

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    • Oh, and before you decided to engage her, please make sure to not mention this wiki for now.

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