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Lilya Usachova (リーリャ・ウサチョヴァ, Riirya Usachova?) is a Level 4 Burst Linker currently belonging to the Mathematics and Martial Arts Research Club (or "Enbuken") at Seibi Academy. She is one of the club's two freshman members, along with Chiaki Chigira, and is one of the main characters of Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden.


Lilya was born in Russia, but at some point, she moved to Japan and attended school there. Despite not knowing any Japanese, she quickly became friends with Washizuka Noriko. However, Noriko and friends of hers started bullying her psychologically during middle school, after they enrolled at Seibi Academy.

Information about her family is completely unknown. The only other known detail about her past was in the nightmare she had after installing Brain Burst, which depicted her as a young girl walking through a forest, going into a log cabin, and seeing two towering silhouettes hovering over her.


Lilya has long, blonde hair, and wears a purple headband. She has blue eyes. She is also about as short as Chiaki.

Plot Outline[]

Chapter 1 through 5[]

Lilya first appears in the school's local network, where her avatar is a small rabbit. Chiaki chases after her a couple of times, but Lilya evades her each time. Later, she is bullied by Noriko and her two friends outside the school grounds – likely a blind spot in the Social Camera Network. The next day, the bullying continues as she's shoved into a bathroom stall and told to find something in the school's local network. However, this time, Chiaki spots her and catches her after cornering her at the top of a tall tree.

Chiaki immediately logs out and runs to the bathroom, where she ignores the three bullies and invites Lilya into the Enbuken. Lilya happily accepts, and later that day Hoori Yuuko becomes her parent, and she becomes a Burst Linker. Once her Avatar is created, they go into the Accelerated World to see it. Surprisingly, the doll-like Iris Alice has absolutely no Special Moves, Abilities, or Enhanced Armaments; the only thing that can be seen is a small vial of liquid in her hand.

The four Burst Linkers from Seioh Academy then appear, and Zircon Paladin want a battle with Aluminum Valkyrie as payback for the last time they fought, which concluded with Valkyrie's decisive victory. However, Valkyrie refuses, because she overdid it the other night playing 30 matches in a row. Iris Alice is then made to fight him, and she loses pretty much without doing anything except for being a klutz. After logging out, Yuuko and Kurumi apologize to her for not actually teaching her anything about the game yet. Chiaki, however, promises to "awaken the sleeping Lilya."

Iris Alice[]


Iris Alice

Lilya's Duel Avatar has a small, blue-colored doll-like figure. Her body is quite fragile, and later on, Chiaki and Yuuko give her an outfit consisting of a frilly dress and a sun hat. Her parent is Orange Raptor.


At first glance, Iris Alice has no Special Attacks, Abilities, or Enhanced Armaments – she doesn't even have basic attacks on her list like Silver Crow had Punch and Kick. However, she has hidden potential in the form of the vial she carries.

Two Face[]

Iris Alice in Snow Devil form

The vial she holds can be shattered to force the Ability "Two Face" to appear in her status screen. Once it appears, she can activate it by saying "Eat Me." Immediately after activation, she is encased in sharp pillars of ice. A few seconds later, she completely transforms into a giant, rampaging monster whose stats are increased to incredible levels. This monster is referred to as Snow Devil.

Her Avatar in Snow Devil form has her stats "inverted," leading her to transform from a small, defenseless doll into a giant, rampaging monster. Also, the Snow Devil form possesses a Special Attack called Snow Devil, which covers its surroundings in a blizzard, hampering movement.

The Snow Devil form is irreversible, so Iris Alice won't be reset until the duel ends or she exits through a Portal.

Queen's Astrology[]

For her first level-up bonus, Lilya chooses the Enhanced Armament, Queen's Astrology. When summoned, this giant hammer bolts down from the sky in front of Iris Alice. It appears to have no special properties other than being a heavy bludgeoning weapon.

Level-Up Bonuses[]

When Iris Alice became level 2, she was presented with four choices of level-up bonus:

  • Special Attack "Teatime Set"
  • Enhanced Armament "Queen's Astrology"
  • Ability "Advantage Step"
  • "Snow Devil" Area Enlargement

She chose Queen's Astrology.


  • The rabbit Lilya uses as an avatar in the local network is a pun on her last name, Usachova; "usa" is short for "usagi," which means "rabbit."


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