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Laser Sword is an ability that was developed by Silver Crow while using the Incarnate System, with the attribute of <<Range Expansion>>.

Silver Crow is able to materialize this ability on either of his hands which appears as a light blue sword. It is capable of slashing through most objects such as a huge boulder with no effort and can also be used to climb towers or rocks by jabbing his sword into it.

Crow developed this ability with the guidance of Sky Raker who is proficient in the Incarnate System. To use it, he must be able imagine his hand and fingers as a blade while thinking about speed over power in order to utilize Laser Sword's full potential. As stated by Scarlet Rain, Laser Sword falls under the category of attack range augmentation[1].


  • When Silver Crow initially developed this move, it did not have a name. It wasn't until he met up with Scarlet Rain again to learn more about the Incarnate System who questioned him what it was called to which he gave it the name, Laser Sword.


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