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Kusakabe Rin (日下部綸, Kusakabe Rin?) is a Burst Linker and the child of Kurasaki Fūko. She is a unique Burst Linker. She is therefore a member of the Green Legion, Great Wall.


She is a shy girl who has self-esteem problems like Haruyuki.


She is the real life younger sister of Ash Roller, her older brother. Her brother was a motorcycle racer, but he is currently in a coma. When Rin downloaded Brain Burst, it was on her brother's Neuro Linker. She is a special case, although she is technically the owner of Ash Roller, the one operating it is her brother. Whether her "brother" is a copy of the original (i.e. Fluctlight), a split personality or the original himself is currently unknown. She sees what Ash Roller is doing but they can't communicate with each other, it is the same case with Ash Roller.[1]


She is a short girl who is bit taller than Haruyuki. She has brown-grayish hair and purple eyes.

Plot Outline[]


See: Ash Roller


  • In Episode 24 Rin made a cameo appearance at the end of the episode during the credits, she also made a cameo appearance in the OVA episode Vacation.