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Kurashima Chiyuri (倉嶋 千百合, Kurashima Chiyuri?) is a childhood friend of Arita Haruyuki and Mayuzumi Takumu. She used to date Takumu. She is also a Burst Linker in Nega Nebulus. Her Duel Avatar is Lime Bell.


Chiyuri is very caring, especially to Takumu and Haruyuki as she cares for them both, hoping that they will be able to remain friends. She also poses a quick temper and can become at quite pushy and scary if angered. She is quite the glutton, loving to eat and cook foods often and is obsessed with the notion of a "healthy diet" as seen when she often pesters Haruyuki to eat home cooked meals and eat less microwaved foods.

She is also forgiving as she was able to forgive Takumu and Haruyuki after they told her everything about Brain Burst, the duel between the two of them and their feelings of each other (though it required appealing to her gluttonous side, I.e. buying her food to finally settle things). She harbors romantic feelings towards Haruyuki which the latter is unaware of. She used to go out with Takumu because she was urged by Haruyuki.


Chiyuri has been friends with Takumu and Haruyuki since they were children. The three of them were very close to each other and still are. During the time that they entered middle school, Chiyuri decided to start a relationship with Takumu, at Haruyuki's urging. She did so in order to ensure that the three remain close.


Chiyuri has pale pink eyes and brown hair. She wears a pin that is shaped like a cat's face in her hair. She wears the standard school uniform that consists of a white dress shirt, a light blue blazer on top of it and wears a green bow-tie. She also carries a yellow duffle bag around her shoulder.

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc[]

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Chiyuri is first introduced finding Haruyuki playing squash during the lunch hour and expressing her desire that he play with her and the others, and is astounded that he is dominating the high score list. She logs out and forces him to do the same, and reveals that she followed him all the way to the boys' bathroom. Chiyuri offers Haruyuki some food, but Haruyuki, rejecting it more forcefully than he intended, accidentally causes her to drop it on the floor, leaving her in tears.

After school the next day, Chiyuri notices that Haruyuki is bandaged from where Araya hit him, and they walk home together for the first time since they started junior high. They encounter Takumu on the way home, and Takumu inadvertently reveals that he knows about Chiyuri giving Haruyuki sandwiches in spite of his making her remain silent about the bullying.

After Haruyuki defeats Ash Roller, Chiyuri confronts Kuroyukihime at the gates of the school and accuses Kuroyukihime of meddling with Haruyuki. Kuroyukhime surprises Chiyuri by claiming that if Chiyuri is Haruyuki's friend, she's his girlfriend, at least partly as a ploy to gauge her reaction.

Haruyuki, in an attempt to prove to Kuroyukihime that Chiyuri is not Cyan Pile, goes to her home for proof. He is greeted by her mother, who says that Chiyuri is sad that he never comes over anymore, and Chiyuri angrily tells her mother to shut up. In spite of still being somewhat upset with Haruyuki, Chiyuri agrees to his request to "direct" with her, albeit while using a very short cable designed to hook up to a computer.

After Haru apologizes for ruining Chiyuri's lunch and says he was surprised Chiyuri and Takumu are a couple, Chiyuri says that she never told Takumu about giving him her lunch. Chiyuri says she feels guilty about not doing anything about the bullies out of fear of Haruyuki hating him, but says he's partly to blame, too. She says she started dating Takumu on Haruyuki's encouragement, so the three would remain friends but is frustrated that he is distancing himself from her while relying on Kuroyukihime, and Chiyuri is also jealous that he relies upon Kuroyukihime. As Haruyuki confesses his own self-loathing, Chiyuri says that he should have more confidence in himself, stop acting like Kuroyukihime's followers, and even become her boyfriend if he wishes. Meanwhile, Haru finds out that Chiyuri does not have Brain Burst installed, but does find a backdoor program that eventually helps him deduce Cyan Pile's identity.

After Haruyuki and Takumu's fight ends, they go to Chiyuri's house to tell her everything, and Chiyuri is initially skeptical. Upon learning about the backdoor program Takumu installed in her Neurolinker, Chiyuri becomes furious, chasing them out of her apartment and refusing to talk to them for a week, but forgiving them on the condition that they treat her to parfaits. In the end, they reconcile and go to the new Tokyo Tower together.

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)[]

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Crimson Storm Princess Arc[]

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Chiyuri sees Haruyuki leaving his apartment with Kuroyukihime, leading to a misunderstanding until Takumu speaks up. Chiyuri demands that they introduce her to Brain Burst, and says that she can meet whatever requirements it has.

Once Chiyuri has left, Kuroyukihime turns to Takumu asking if the two of them are a couple, and Takumu says that he doubts they will ever be one again. Takumu reveals that Chiyuri meets the first requirement for being a Burst Linker, as she wore a Neurolinker to communicate with her father, who had pharyngeal cancer. Kuroyukihime warns Takumu that Chiyuri has a low chance of becoming a Burst Linker and if she becomes Takumu's "child," if their relationship sours, it will cause problems in real life.

Dusk Robber Arc[]

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Near the beginning, Takumu asks Chiyuri if she is certain that she wants to become a Burst Linker, and Chiyuri insists on it, saying that they need to have more fun with it. The installation succeeds.

Chiyuri has a conversation with Haruyuki over the Neurolinker while keeping it on as part of the required process. He spends some time on her home server, which has been expanded as a present to Chiyuri, and serves as her pillow like he used to.

At school, a new year has started, and Chiyuri, Haruyuki, and Takumu are all in the same class. Chiyu's avatar, Lime Bell, not only can destroy parts of the arena without suffering damage but can also restore others' life bars. Kuroyukihime is quite surprised to hear this and notices that her power is an incredibly valuable commodity in territory battles.

Chiyuri hears from Takumu that Seiji Noumi is a Burst Linker, one who was similar to how he used to be, but Chiyuri says that Takumu is different, having been motivated for her sake.

As a result of his Neurolinker being infected, Haruyuki accidentally stumbles into the girls' shower room, but Chiyuri keeps him hidden. While angry about what Haruyuki unwittingly did, Chiyuri is more disturbed by the things that people can do to others' Neurolinkers, and how far people like Noumi would go for what she considers to be just a game. She makes Haru promise to remain silent about the incident.

Chiyuri follows Haruyuki to his encounter with Noumi, and, upon learning that Noumi has blackmail material on Haruyuki from the incident, and says that she intends to prove that Haruyuki had a reason for being there. At that point, the camera is found and uses that as leverage to force Chiyuri to work for him. After Haruyuki fights Noumi and loses the duel and his wings, Chiyuri falls into despair, saying that Brain Burst is supposed to be a game.

The volume ends when Lime Bell heals Dusk Taker, revealing herself to be in league with him.

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc[]

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Lime Bell accompanies Dusk Taker in his tag duels, enabling him to win every time, and accompanies him to the final confrontation with Haruyuki and Takumu. At the crucial moment, however, Lime Bell betrays Dusk Taker, undoing his theft of Silver Crow's wings and returning them to him. She reveals that her working with him was all a ploy to unlock her ability to return his wings.

After Black Vise retreats and Dusk Taker is defeated, Black Lotus thanks, Lime Bell, calling her by her first name for the first time, and reveals that Chiyuri was the one who told her what was going on. After the battle ends, Chiyuri joins Nega Nebulus.


Chiyuri's avatar is based on her real world identity. She wears a pair of cat ears, a pair of gloves and a pair of shoes that is of a cat's paw. She also wears a white dress with a cat's tail.

Lime Bell[]

Lime Bell

Chiyuri's Duel Avatar is Lime Bell. Lime Bell has a more naturalistic body instead of being comprised of just metal. Her body is the color of lime green. Lime Bell wears a large green hat with a single leaf attached and wears a yellow cape. The rest of her body is covered in light armor. However, her left arm is entirely made of metal which is where she can fire her abilities from and is in the shape of a bell. Lime Bell is later nicknamed Watch Witch (時計の魔女, Tokei no Majo) in the accelerated world[1].


Lime Bell was initially thought to have the ability to heal such as one of the current kings and the another having retired after uninstalling Brain Burst[2]. However, it is later revealed that her special move, Citron Call is not the ability to heal. Its power is the ability to reverse time. Lime Bell is also amazingly resilient, capable of smashing objects in a Factory setting without taking damage (Destroying objects in the factory setting damages.). When the bell hits the opponent it is also loud enough to momentarily stuns the opponent.

  • Acoustic Summon: The passive ability of the «Citron Bell». It allows her to summon various types of music and sounds, with this ability she can summon Enemies.

Special Moves[]

  • Citron Call: This is not the ability to heal, but instead the ability to reverse time. It has two modes.
    • Citron Call I: This reverses damage however it also reverses the special gauge back to zero as well. Since it reversed time on whoever her target was, it gave the impression of healing which in reality is reversing the time before her target took any damage.
    • Citron Call II: After leveling up, she increased her ability to reverse further in time allowing her to return Silver Crow's wings that were stolen by Dusk Taker. It works by reversing three phenomenons or changes that happened to a Duel Avatar.


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  • Although not stated in the anime or manga, her ability to reverse time, Citron Call, may have come from her desire to just spend time with Haruyuki and Takumu the way they did when they were children.
    • It was later confirmed in a light novel that the above was just part of the reason. Another is her father whom she loved deeply was seriously ill.[3]
  • She is one of the few burst linkers to actually have a loving family instead of neglectful ones like Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime or those who only cares about their child's studies like Takumu.
  • Her reason for why she wore the Neuro Linker since she was born was to be able to talk to her father who had throat cancer and had surgery which severely affected his ability to talk.



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