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Iron Pound (アイアン・パウンド, Aian Paundo?) is a Level 7 Burst Linker who accompanied Green Grandee to the main base of the Acceleration Research Society. He is member of the Elite group of the green legion know as "Six Layered Armour".


Iron Pound is a male Avatar with a dull metal color, his helmet, body armor and boots resemble boxing gear including his fist who have the shape of boxing gloves.


He doesn't seem to bear any grudges as evidenced when he confronted Silver Crow. His fighting style is box based, a combination of footwork and quick left punches with a devastating right punch.


He fought Silver Crow, with Disaster Armor equipped. He managed to overpower him with his speed and quick punches. He was defeated when Haru convinced the armor consciousness, Beast to concentrate on predicting the Iron Pound's attack pattern while Haru does the counterattacks.

Later on, in the Six Kings Conference, he is the one in charge of speaking for the Green King where given how he had no need to introduce himself we can assume he has a degree of renown even among the Level 9 Burst Linkers. He was also explaining the whereabouts of the core of the ISS Kit, as well as the complicated situation for its retrieval, requiring Silver Crow to learn the ability to reflect all light-based attacks owned by a legendary ex-Burst Linker, «Theoretical Mirror»


A Metal Colour avatar modeled after a boxer with safety headgear.


His Incarnate System abilities allow him to throw punches at a rate of 1 punch every 0.1 seconds. A formidable fighter in a straightforward battle whose weakness lies within his style of combat, making him vulnerable to attacks in the back due to how in boxing attacking from the back is forbidden.

His skills are Rocket Straight and Eruption Blow. He also has similar skills with the difference that the first launches both fists and the second only one and Hammer Rave, a barrage of fast punches. Template:Characternav