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Himi Akira[1] (氷見 あきら, Himi Akira?) is a Burst Linker that works as a bodyguard for players level 2 and under. She helps these players by partnering with them and helping them gain points in tag matches. Her fee is the record of the burst linker's real world identity.

She was once part of the element-themed Burst Linker group called the Elements under Black Lotus in Nega Nebulus until her disappearance.


Akira is shown not to reveal many of her emotions but is very straightforward when she speaks to other people.


Not much information has been revealed about Akira, except that she is a bodyguard that helps level two or lower burst linkers in raising their points to a safe amount. However, in return, she records the Burst Linker's real world identity.

It is later revealed that Akira was originally a member of Nega Nebulus in a group of elite burst linkers known as the Elements representing "Water." However, after falling prey to a monster that lowered her level to 1, she left the Legion. The said monster is Seiryuu, one of the Four Gods with the ability to reduce a Burst Linker's level.[2]


Akira is a young girl with short, brown hair that she wears down. She has yellow eyes and wears a red framed glasses. Her attire consists of a white turtleneck sweater with a gray coat on top.

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)[]

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After Haruyuki uses most of his points to level up to level two, Taku advises him to join up with a bodyguard to raise his points. Haru goes to meet Akira when Haru accidentally trips over her and realizes that she is «Aqua Current» once he sees her bag's content. After realizing who she is, Akira decides to help Haru regardless and prepares to find opponents for the two of them. She decides to challenge a pair that is level four and three.

After entering the match, Silver Crow sees Aqua Current for the first time. Then, their opponents, Sand Duct and Nickel Doll appear. Aqua Current tells Crow that they will each take an opponent and reveals information about Nickel Doll's abilities. She then engages in a fight between Sand Duct who uses his Sand Blaster technique on her. However, she appears unaffected by it as she states that her body is composed of water rendering his technique ineffective. After regrouping with Crow, Sand Duct comments on that their teamwork is poor compared to his and Doll's. Current and Crow decide to work together. Crow is hit by Sand Duct and Nickel Doll's collaboration attack. Aqua Current then goes into the attack and is absorbing Nickel Doll's electricity stating that her body is made of pure water which acts as a perfect insulator. Silver Crow is then able to land a finishing blow to their opponents.

The match ends, and Haru regains some points. Akira then challenges Haru to a match to test him. He considers her as a friend and won't attack her which is exactly what she wanted to test and is happy that he is someone that can be relied on. However, she tells him it is too soon to know her and erases his memory of her identity with the Memory Leak ability.


Akira's virtual character design.

Akira's virtual character design is an otter with brown and white fur. It has the same red framed glasses that she wears in real life and also wears a small red tie.

Aqua Current[]

Aqua Current

Akira's Brain Burst character is «Aqua Current». Her avatar has a slender body with two pigtails and has two glowing eyes. Aqua Current's body is made of pure water that has no impurities and can shift her shape at will.


She has the abilities of pure water, which prevents her from taking much damage and allows her to change the shape of her avatar. Due to her being pure water which has no impurities, it makes her the perfect insulator[3]. Having these abilities make her a formidable combatant, and she took the least amount of damage when dueling alongside Silver Crow. She also has a good amount of skill and experience which can be seen by the plan she draws up to help Haru gain some points.


  • In Volume 13, her real name was revealed to be Akira Himi.
  • In the BD 8 Volume, it is revealed that Aqua Current and Blood Leopard are Parent and Child as well as real-life cousins.