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Great Wall (グレート・ウォール, Gurēto Uōru?) is a Legion also known as the Green Legion. It is led by the Green King, Green Grandé. They control the largest area among the other legions. Their territory extends from Shibuya to Ota.


One of the seven legions of Brain Burst, Great Wall has been loyal to the non-aggression pact between the legions. Even accepted the survivors of the failed attempt of assault from Nega Nebulus at the Imperial Palace, after Graphite Edge pleaded for protection and offered himself and half of his Burst Point as a secure.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Status
Unknown Green Grandé Legion Master Active
Unknown Graphite Edge Lieutenant Active
Unknown Viridian Decurion Sub-master Active
Unknown Iron Pound Lieutenant Active
Unknown Lignum Vitae Lieutenant Active
Unknown Suntan Schaefer Lieutenant Active
Kusakabe Rinta Ash Roller Member Active


Bush Utan Member Active
Unknown Olive Glove Member Active
Unknown Jade Jailer Member Active


Six Layered Armor[]

The Six Layered Armor is a group of Green Grandé's lieutenants. Not much is known about them other than being adamant and second in command of the legion. Their members include:

  • 1st Seat: Graphite Edge[1]
  • 2nd Seat: Viridian Decurion[1]
  • 3rd Seat: Iron Pound
  • 4th Seat: Lignum Vitae[1]
  • 5th Seat: Suntan Schaefer[1]
  • 6th Seat: Unknown


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