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Frost Horn is a level 5 Burst Linker and member of Leonids.



A bulky, average height avatar with a large horn on his head and one smaller horn on each of his shoulders.


«Frosted Circle»: This technique affects all within an area Covering everything in a radius with frost.

This increases the weight of all avatars, making it significantly harder for lightweight speed types to use their full potential, while heavy-types who rely on pure strength see an increase in power, similar to Sumo wrestlers. It also obscures the line of sight of all long-range attackers and disables heat seeking attacks, as well as reducing the accuracy of laser based attacks by a 30%.

Furthermore, the frost covers the horn on his forehead, increasing his attacking power as well as constantly changing its size, making it even harder for fighters like Silver Crow to dodge his attacks. However, its main weakness seems to be that due to the frost layer this ability generates he cannot make sudden turns or slow down effectively, as seen when he was unable to prevent stepping on an Enemy's egg in the «Primeval Forest» stage. Template:Characternav