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Direct Wired Connection

Direct Wired Connection (有線直結通信, yūsen chokketsu tsūshin?), more simply known as direct connection (直結, chokketsu?) or wired connection, is a very personal method of communication between Neuro Linkers, achieved by plugging in a cable directly into the Neuro Linkers. Unlike usual wireless connections, 90% of the security measures are invalidated during wired connections[1] such as firewall that protect user from harmful files.

It is usually used by peoples who can trust each other, family members and lovers[1]. They are also capable of sending each other softwares or are evenly checking back-up files from another person. For Burst Linkers, Direct Wired Connection can be used to transfer Enhanced Armaments or have Private Battles for Burst Points.[2]

A commonly believed myth among teenagers is that the shortness of the cable that a pair uses indicate their emotional closeness.

The XSB cable is used for connection.