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Template:Character Crimson Kingbolt (クリムゾン・キングボルト, Kurimuzon Kinguboruto?) is a burst linker and a former member of the Purple Legion who was formally acquainted with Kuroyukihime before moving away to Okinawa. Black Lotus refers to him as "Crikin".


Crimson Kingbolt has a laid-back personality and is willing to use his burst points in order to help Itosu and Ruka level up. He cares deeply for the two as he is willing to stall Sulfur Pot to let them escape if needed.


Crimson Kingbolt originally lived in Tokyo where he was friends with Black Lotus. However, he moved to Okinawa after his parents divorced. After moving to Okinawa, he became a parent to Ruka Asato, his relative, who later becomes a parent to Itosu Mana. He became a "master" to both of them as he taught them the rules of Brain Burst. He took careful gambits with his Burst Points to get both his students up to Level 4 so they could fight Enemies in the Unlimited Field to maintain acceleration. He also gave them both rules to always follow which are never use acceleration for selfish purposes and only talk about the Accelerated World to other Burst Linkers. He is also a freshman in high school.



It is implied that the person walking off at the end of episode 19 is Crimson Kingbolt. He seen wearing a red shirt (much like the colour of his avatar) under his school uniform and drinking like he does in Accel World.

Plot Outline[]

Dusk Robber (Side Story)[]

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In April of 2047, Okinawa was being menaced by Sulfur Pot and his tamed Enemy, Nidhogg, threatening Kingbolt and his students' dream of creating an accelerated community in Okinawa. Kingbolt performed scouting missions trailing Sulfur Pot before going to a tavern to drink away his pessimism, believing that nothing short of a Level 9 could beat him. Coincidentally, Ruka and Itosu came by with a Level 9, Black Lotus. After Crimson Kingbolt explained how he came to Okinawa, they are surprised by Sulfur Pot. Black Lotus engaged in conversation with the Burst Linker. When it was mentioned that Sulfur Pot doesn't appear on the matching list, she realized that he's using a backdoor program to dive into Okinawa from Tokyo to hunt low-level enemies out of sight of the major legions.

With his secret out, Sulfur Pot decided to destroy them all. Kingbolt instructed Ruka and Itosu to gather as much scrap metal as they could find, stating that it would decide the outcome of the battle. He then launched his Tapping Screw attack at Nidhogg but it had no effect against a high level enemy. Lotus narrowly saved him from being stomped on. As she distracted Sulfur Pot, Kingbolt took the opportunity to merge with all the scrap metal his students had collected, becoming a giant robot resilient enough to withstand Nidhogg's special move, Scorching Inferno and unleashed a barrage of firepower that drove the enemy back. Sulfur Pot soon countered by unleashing Charcoal Smoke that was ignited by Nidhogg's Scorching Inferno, destroying Kingbolt's massive form. All seemed lost until Orchid Oracle appeared and changed the landscape into an ocean. Kingbolt, his duel avatar being useless underwater, sank to the bottom which his students and Black Lotus dismounted Sulfur Pot before he was devoured by Nidhogg. Kingbolt recovered the Mystic Reins that Sulfur Pot used to control the enemy and gave it to Lotus, figuring she may find a use for it.


Crimson Kingbolt[]

Kingbolt's appearance is based off a screw. His whole entire body is a screw with legs and arms and has eyes that are glowing yellow.


Crimson Kingbolt's Ability.

Kingbolt has a small ability where he can shoot out his fingers, which spin and turn into screws before hitting an enemy. However, his main ability comes into play whenever he is able to access a large amount of scrap metal. Once he has enough scrap metal and energy, he can turn into a big screw and dive into the scrap metal. Once inside, Kingbolt changes the scrap metal into robot parts, which quickly assemble into a giant robot that Kingbolt controls. As a giant robot, Kingbolt's abilities are greatly improved. For example, he is able to withstand an enemy's killer move with little to no noticeable damage. Kingbolt also acquires the ability to shoot missiles out his robot's shoulders and chest. According to Black Lotus, before the current Red King came along, Crimson Kingbolt was the strongest in terms of long-ranged fire power due to this ability.


File:Crimson Kingbolt - Possible Appearance.png

Kingbolt's possible appearance

  • When Kuroyukihime was leaving Okinawa, she spotted a young man drinking from a can while seated on a bench. Kuroyukihime suspected him of being Crimson Kingbolt due to his sudden appearance.