Accel World Wiki

These are a list of command can be used related to Accel World.

  • Direct Link (not a game command): Command to Full dive into usual LAN environment.
  • Link out(not a game command): Command to Dive out of LAN environment.
  • Burst Link (Level 1/consume 1 points): The most basic acceleration command. By using it, thinking process of user can be accelerated 1000 times. At the same time, user entered the primary acceleration space[citation needed]. Can be used online or offline.
  • Burst Out (Level 1/consume 0 points):
  • Physical Burst (Level 1/consume 5 points): Acceleration of mind and physical body. Acceleration rate for mind is 10 times. It last 3 second in reality, 30 seconds in acceleration. Body can be moved after using this command but not accelerated.
  • Unlimited Burst (Level 4/consume 10 points): Dive into Unlimited Neutral Field.
  • Physical Full Burst (Level 9/consume 99% of total possessing points): Acceleration of mind and physical body. 100 times acceleration over reality. It last for 3 seconds in reality and 300 seconds in acceleration.