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Chrome Falcon (クロム · ファルコン, Kuromu Farukon?) was a first generation Burst Linker and one of the Originators. He was also the first Chrome Disaster. He is an elementary school student at the time of the story.


As an elementary school student, Chrome Falcon (real name unknown) grew up with very little attention from his parents and had no siblings. Falcon is introverted, passive, and withdrawn as a result, choosing to ignore the plight of a bullied friend.

In Accelerated World, Chrome Falcon struggles with insecurities about himself, believing his avatar to be inferior to other players with better attributes. Nonetheless, Falcon is very protective of his partner, Saffron Blossom, and cherishes his relationship with her. His lack of confidence in himself drives him as far as to challenge the impenetrable Imperial Palace to bring back something of value to prove himself worthy of her.


Disaster Armor[]

As one of the Originators, he was present from the beginning of Brain Burst. After an unspecified amount of time, he invited a fellow Originator, Saffron Blossom, to partner with him. Doubts about his value to Blossom eventually lead Falcon to recklessly infiltrate the Imperial Palace, located in the Unlimited Neutral Field, hoping to find something valuable in the heavily-guarded dungeon. Using his ability, Flash Blink, to sneak into the Palace without triggering any Enemy encounters, Falcon eventually discovers two of the Seven Arcs: «The Infinity», a straight katana, and «The Destiny», a light suit of armor. Deducing that he can only choose one Enhanced Armament, Falcon picks The Destiny and is automatically teleported out of the Palace.

Later, Falcon donates The Destiny to Blossom to equip, making her the owner of the Armament. Falcon hoped that with The Destiny's incredible defenses, Blossom would be able to fulfill her dream of creating a Legion to support new players and enjoy playing Brain Burst. Unfortunately, they are betrayed by players who consider The Destiny overpowered relative to the players, and Falcon and Blossom are captured by Black Vise. Trapping Falcon between two plates and securing Blossom to a restraint shaped like a cross, Black Vise worked together with White Cosmos to continuously spawn the Legendary-class Enemy, Hell Worm Jörmungandr, right next to the captive Blossom, whereupon her death, White Cosmos would use «Ressurrect By Compassion» to bypass the one-hour death timer and revive Blossom immediately. With Blossom unable to escape her bonds or fight back against her captors or Jörmungandr, even with the defensive properties afforded to her by The Destiny, she dies repeatedly, losing ten Burst Points with each death.

Unable to accept Vise's reasoning for executing Blossom, Falcon breaks out of the hold Vise has on him and uses Flash Blink to teleport to Blossom. Blossom activates her special move «Petal Shelter» to grant Falcon and herself thirty seconds in which they can share their final moment together. Knowing she only has seven Points remaining, Blossom requests that Falcon kill her and uninstall Brain Burst from her, expressing her fervent hopes of remembering him beyond her death. Complying with her request, Falcon kills Blossom, with the weakened armor of The Destiny useless at this point. Losing the will to flee, Falcon suddenly realises that ownership of The Destiny has been passed onto him, and he equips it immediately. Outrage at Blossom's demise gives Falcon the strength to resist Jörmungandr's attacks, and the unique properties of chrome grant him complete immunity to the corrosive attack being used against him. The outburst of emotions from Falcon begin to override the laws of Accelerated World, manifesting as a visible aura of darkness, and gives Falcon the power to tear Hell Worm Jörmungandr into two. As a reward for killing Jörmungandr, the Enhanced Armament «Star Caster» drops, and Falcon picks up and equips it without hesitation. The dark aura around him warps the forms of The Destiny and Star Caster, and in his realisation that Blossom was persecuted for wishing to fulfill her dream, Chrome Falcon resolves to hunt down the players responsible. The outpouring of negative thoughts and Incarnation warp the two Enhanced Armaments together to create the first instance of the cursed Armament, «The Disaster».

Focusing his attention on Black Vise, Argon Array, and White Cosmos (though he is unable to identify them by name), Falcon shuts down Vise's attempt to catch him and retaliates with Flash Blink and a sweep of his sword. Unfortunately, Vise is able to flee with Cosmos and Array in tow, leaving Falcon behind with the group of thirty players who had betrayed him to Vise. With nigh-invulnerable armor, a rare drop's offensive strength, and the incredible mobility of Flash Blink, Falcon effortlessly and methodically slaughters every remaining player before they can flee, thinking and feeling more like a feral beast than an angry player. Fortunately, one player escapes and is able to inform Accelerated World at large of his existence. In time, the players stop referring to him by Chrome Falcon, instead of calling him by "Chrome Disaster."

After an extensive and coordinated effort to hunt down Chrome Disaster and reduce his Points, Chrome Disaster makes a last stand in a titanic battle in the Unlimited Neutral Field. Just before the final blow, Chrome Falcon makes a declaration to the players assembled:

I --- the BB Player who used to be Chrome Falcon will disappear here today.

Memory Erasure, if the rumors regarding the thought operation treatment are true, I will forget all about the Accelerated World --- even my beloved Saffron Blossom, turning back into a normal elementary school second year who doesn't know any difficult words.

But, I'll leave behind my rage --- my sorrow --- and my despair.

Blossom and I never wished for power. A hegemony through the power of the «Armour» to control the Accelerated World had never crossed our mind. We just wanted to be able to always live in this world with everyone, that would've been enough.

If on the mirror-like surface of the «Armour», domination and destruction, plunder and lust can be seen, then that is merely a reflection of the desires of those who look.

They are the ones who want power. It's them who killed Saffron Blossom again and again in that cruel manner.

Then, I'll grant it to them.

My rage and Blossom's pain will remain within this «Armour» --- «THE DISASTER». From this moment forth, anyone who puts on this armor with desire for power will attack, destroy, devour all other Burst Linkers. Taking in the power of the devoured, growing stronger infinitely. Until the last person left. Until there is only one person in the barren lands of the Accelerated World, at the end of the game.

That is the hidden nature of the power you desire.

I will curse this world. Tarnish it. Even if I'm to disappear here, my rage and hatred will revive --- time and time again.

Although Chrome Falcon was presumably killed and had Brain Burst uninstalled from him afterwards, an echo of his personality as Chrome Disaster remained with it - an imprint of Blossom's personality was contained in The Destiny, while Falcon's was in Star Caster. But together as one, only the mindless need to devour and destroy would manifest in whoever donned the armor afterwards. The Disaster continued to pass from player to player upon their defeat, despite the assumption that Armaments transferring ownership through this mechanic was a low probability. The Disaster was finally cleansed by Ardor Maiden and separated into its component Armaments, both of which were locked away and never to be retrieved again.


Chrome Falcon, like Silver Crow, is entirely made of a dark silvery metal that has above-average defensive properties. His face mask has no eyes, no contrasting colour, and a beak-like protrusion on its bottom. Chrome Falcon has neither external weapons nor wings appearing on his body despite his namesake, thus giving him the appearance of a mook.


  • Flash Blink - A short-range teleportation skill that allows him to traverse short distances extremely quickly. Chrome Falcon can use Flash Blink to move in any direction as long as he has a line of sight and the two points in space are uninterrupted.
  • Negative Incarnation - Upon Saffron Blossom's demise, the outburst of raw, uncontrolled grief and fury allowed Chrome Falcon to override Accel World's laws and perform supernatural feats at the cost of his humanity.