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Cherry Rook (チェリー・ ルーク, Cherī Rūku?) was a member of the Red Legion, Prominence and was also the fifth Chrome Disaster.


Yuniko described Cherry Rook as not uniquely talented but dedicated as a Burst Linker. After becoming infected with Chrome Disaster, he became a vicious and raging monster that went after any Burst Linker.


Cherry Rook is revealed to have been an orphan and had gone to the same orphanage as Yuniko has. After meeting her, they became very close friends and decided to become her "parent" after learning how much she loves video games. However, he is eventually out-leveled by Yuniko and learned that he was moving out of town. Desperate to catch up with her, he accepted the Chrome Disaster Armor from the Yellow King, Yellow Radio. After receiving the armor, he went insane and started to kill other Burst Linkers from different legions.


Cherry's appearance is not seen in the series. However, his form in the Chrome Disaster armor is a bulk avatar with spikes colored silver and metal/robotic look

Plot Outline[]

Crimson Storm Princess Arc[]

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Cherry Rook interrupted the duel between Black Lotus and Yellow Radio, just as the two Kings were readying their killer moves, impaling Yellow Radio from behind. Yellow Radio uses Deceit Fire Cracker escape. Cherry Rook then grabbed one Burst Linker with his wire ability and instantly devoured him, causing his victim to go into reset stasis. But then suffering damage from Lotus and Scarlet Rain, Cherry Rook chose to flee, followed by Silver Crow. Upon deducing Cherry Rook's wire ability, Crow managed to snag him on his back and plunged with his foe. From inside the Disaster armor, Cherry Rook said that he just wanted to become stronger and attempted to garner sympathy from Crow. However, Crow refused his plea, stating that he had no right just to destroy Burst Linkers like that. He then brought the monster crashing down, destroying it and leaving Cherry Rook's true and battered form exposed. Rain then walked up and administered the Judgement Blow. Unbeknownst to everyone, a virus was implanted on Crow's back from where Cherry Rook's wire attached, threatening to turn him into the next Chrome Disaster.

The next day, in the real world, Yuniko met up with Cherry Rook. She learned that he had recently been claimed by a relative, who was taking him to Fukuoka, thereby preventing him from seeing Yuniko at school or doing Brain Burst in any meaningful way. In spite of that, as a result of having his memory wiped, Yuniko said he seemed more like his old self, and remained hopeful that they could keep in touch while playing VR games together.


Cherry Rook[]


  • Wire Hook

Cherry Rook can fire steel threads to hook onto objects, using it to either swing between buildings or capturing its target. This ability is also shown when the Chrome Disaster Armor possessed him.

  • Super Jump

Cherry Rook can jump for a long duration and distance