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Black Vise[1] (ブラック・バイス, Burakku Baisu?) is a Burst Linker and is the Vice-President of the Acceleration Research Society. He is one of the Originators, the first generation burst linkers.


Black Vise has shown to be very calm no matter what situation arises. He is also quite laid-back, as shown when Silver Crow broke out of his move, Static Pressure, and when Black Lotus appeared and challenged him. He is very knowledgeable in and out of battle and knows his limits in battles while choosing to retreat instead of continuing to fight.



Plot Outline[]

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc[]

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In 2046, Seiji Noumi/Dusk Taker called on Black Vise to assist him in his Sudden Death match with Cyan Pile and Silver Crow. Through use of his deceleration ability, Vise simply had to wait until his associate's opponents arrived in the Unlimited Field. He proceeded to trap Crow with his Static Pressure, rendering him unable to move or talk. Ultimately, Crow broke free of Vise's grip, which impressed him. But before Taker could deliver the final blow to Cyan Pile, the timely intervention of Black Lotus saved him from losing Brain Burst. She then acknowledged Vise, demanding to know who he is. Vise introduced himself as vice-president of the Acceleration Research Society. Lotus asked if he knew Sulfur Pot, to which he confirmed, identifying his Mystical Reins, which Lotus acquired and used to tame a high-level Enemy to enable her duel avatar to travel from Okinawa. Lotus then declared that she has another reason to destroy him. Vise reacted by releasing a boxed trap around her, only for Lotus to quickly slice her way free. She then unleashed her Vorpal Strike attack, which ViSe barely held at bay with Layered Armor. Preoccupied, Vise could do nothing but watch as Silver Crow took on Dusk Taker.

The battle ended when Lime Bell used her time-turning healing ability to restore Crow's wings, which were stolen by Taker, enabling Crow to defeat him. His duel avatar reduced to nothing but his left arm tentacles and upper torso, Taker vowed to leak the Nega Nebulous' identities and called to Vise to save him. Vise said he could do nothing, given the current situation. Taker demanded that he do something, threatening to reveal everything about the Research Group and the Brain Implant Chip they use to hide from matching lists. However, Vise revealed that the BIC will dissolve into the cerebrospinal fluid once it senses Brain Burst uninstalling. Vise then retreated, assuring the Black Legion that he has no further quarrel with them, nor knows their real identities, especially to avoid fighting the Black King again. Lotus refused to let him escape, letting out a slash that took off a piece of Vise as he retreated into the shadows.

Black Vise[]

The body of Black Vise is a set of flat black panels that float individually. The panels usually form a structure that is similar to a humanoid shape. Whenever he uses an ability, the area where his arms were is replaced by a glowing purple sphere.

Black Vise can control all of the panels on his body, including altering their mass and density, allowing him to turn any panel he controls into any desired shape and form.

He can also decelerate while accelerating in the Unlimited Neutral Field, possibly due to a Brain Implant Chip. This allows him to experience the normal flow of time without having to experience waiting for months.

It is likely that his Duel Avatar's actual name is not Black Vise, as Scarlet Rain has mentioned that she has never seen two Duel Avatars of the same color. His name has never been confirmed by any of the main characters.

However, in the anime, when Aqua Current selected Sand Duct & Nickel Doll in the list, the above tag team was Platinum Ribbon & Blood Love. Other repeated colors can also be spotted in the list. Since Blood Leopard also exists, it is possible that Avatars can have the same color (but that it is a rare occurrence), but it is more likely that the animators did not have this information at the time - since it was published in a future volume - and simply randomized names to fill out the list[2].


Black Vise's Ability

  • Shadow Lurker - An Ability that gives Black Vise the power to meld into shadows. While a shadow, he can move his being from one location to the next, so long as they are connected via a shadow. He also appears to be able to use it as a tunnel system for other Duel Avatars to use as well.
  • Static Pressure (静止重圧) - A Special Move intended to crush an opponent between two blocks. It also disables voice commands.
  • Layered Armor - Summons a row of shields that decreases the damage of any attack that passes the panels in a consecutive fashion.
  • Hexahedral Compression (六面圧縮) - A Special Move that uses six rectangular pieces of his body to close in on an enemy Duel Avatar.
  • Octahedral Isolation (八面断絶)


  • Black Vise and Ivory Tower are exact counterparts of each other in the Magic: The Gathering card game.
  • Black Lotus and Black Vise is one of the two pairs of Avatars with the same color, Blood Leopard and Blood Love is the other. However, Blood Love may not be canon, as their name appeared only briefly in the anime at a time when they may not have known about colors being unique.