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A mysterious burst linker who lives in the Imperial Palace. He wields the fifth star of the Seven Arcs, «The Infinity».



A kind burst linker who is naive. He however helps Silver Crow and Ardor Maiden when they are trapped within the Imperial Palace. His manner of speech is that of the feudal lords of Japan.


He showed himself in front of Silver Crow and Ardor Maiden within the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace. He introduced himself as Trilead Tetraoxide. He guided them during their stay. When they were ready to escape, he used The Infinity to force open the gate leading outside. He thanked them for meeting him. It is implied he has a connection with the royal family of Japan.

In Volume 18, it revealed his parent is Graphite Edge. He introduced his parent to Haruyuki when he entered the Imperial Palace the second time alongside Sky Raker and Metatron.


His blue avatar is modelled after a feudal daimyo.


His innate avatar ability is unknown.

His Enhanced Armament, «The Infinity» possesses a special property. The longer it stays sheathed, the more powerful its initial attack becomes. As the name suggest, it is infinite in terms of how high the damage becomes.


  • His real life identity is speculated to be the Imperial Prince of Japan.