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Haruyuki Arita (有田春雪, Arita Haruyuki?) is the main protagonist of the Accel World series. He is known by his Brain Burst avatar Silver Crow (シルバー・クロウ, Shirubā Kurō?) for his flying abilities because he is the only known brain burst avatar that can fly. He decides to team up with Kuroyukihime to defeat the Six Kings of Pure Color and meet the creator of the Brain Burst game.


Haru is rather timid at first due Araya bullying him. However, after meeting Kuroyukihime and receiving the Brain Burst program, he can stand up for himself and help Kuroyukihime achieve her dreams. He is also very determined to keep his friendship with Taku and Chiyu after the many problems between them and because of that determination, he strives for the best. Haruyuki is also rather indecisive and often doubts himself. However, as Silver Crow, he is more confident and rather crafty to the point that it was comparable to Yellow Radio.


Haruyuki is the child of Saya Arita who met and married Haruyuki's father while studying for a Master's degree in Tokyo. They then divorced when Haruyuki was seven. Before the divorce it had been hinted that Haruyuki overheard his parent's conversation before their divorce.[3] In the light novel it was stated that it was about neither of them wanting Haruyuki. This is implied to be the reason why his duel avatar is a metal colour[4].  As a child, he was friends with Mayuzumi Takumu and Kurashima Chiyuri. After his parent's divorce, his custody was given to Saya. However, Saya is rarely home. Haruyuki spends most of his times after his parent's divorce playing with Takumu and Chiyuri. At night he will often get dinner at Chiyuri's place with her mother Momoe cooking for them before going back to his empty house. In their late year of elementary school, Chiyuri started dating Takumu causing Haruyuki to become more distant. After joining Umesato Junior High, he still remained friends with them. However, he also started to get bullied by Araya and his gang because of his appearance.


Haru is a rather short and large person. He has brown hair and black eyes. For his attire, it is usually the school uniform that consists of a white dress shirt, a blue blazer on top and a blue tie (as of the Dusk Robber arc). It was stated by Chiyuri that Haruyuki used to have a normal weight before his parents' divorce.

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc[]

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During the middle of class, Haru receives a mail from Araya stating that he must bring him lunch at the rooftop. During lunchtime, he brought Araya and his gang the food he must get for them, but has brought them only one rice bread. Araya became mad and gave him a new order, stating that it is his last chance. In the bathroom, Haru is talking to himself in the mirror and wishes that he could say that to Araya. Haru then locked himself up in the bathroom and uses direct link with the school's network to play some squash. During his squash game, he was found by Chiyuri who has been searching him. After that Haru smashed Chiyuri's lunch to the wall thinking that he doesn't want her pity. He escapes and goes back to play some squash again.

When he gets there, he notices that an unknown person reached lv. 166 in the game which in turn shocked him. An unknown person appears and asks if he was the one to reach the previous high scores. He then looks up and it turns out to be Kuroyukihime who asks him if he would like to accelerate to the next level. She then says that he must show up tomorrow in the lounge during lunchtime and then leaves. Haru then appears in the lounge where he got held up by Megumi Wakamiya and another member of the student council. He tries to say that he is coming for Kuroyukihime but can't. Kuroyukihime then says that he can come.

Kuroyukihime signals Haru to have the seat in front of her. She then pulls out a cable for a wired connection between her and Haru surprising everybody in the lounge. Haru is surprised by this and questions her on why she wants to do this, as wired connections are for lovers. However, she continues on while talking through mental communications to keep their conversation private. Kuroyukihime then states that she is sending Haru a program called Brain Burst to his Neuro Linker. After hearing everything she said, Haru decides to accept the program and starts installing it. As it is installing, Haru asks Kuroyukihime as to what exactly is Brain Burst. She then tells him that she will answer all of his questions only if the program successfully installs. As soon as it has successfully installed into Haru's Neuro Linker, Araya and his gang appear in the lounge since they were looking for him for the food that he was supposed to give. Kuroyukihime interrupts into their conversation and tempts Araya into hitting Haru, but before he could, she shouted to Haru to use the Burst Link command to which he did. After accelerating, Kuroyukihime goes on explaining the details about the Brain Burst program and how acceleration works. Then, she plots a plan to have Araya expelled by telling Haru to let Araya hit him and have it all recorded on the school's camera. They return to normal speed and Haru is struck by Araya and is flown towards Kuroyukihime injuring her as well. Araya and his gang is then taken into custody. Before leaving, she tells Haru to make sure he doesn't turn on his Neuro Linker until tomorrow in order to ensure that he doesn't connect onto the global net to which he complies to.

He disconnects from the internet and runs into Chiyu who is also heading home. The two also run into their other childhood friend, Takumu Mayuzumi and decide to all head home together. However, during their conversation, Haru misunderstood and assumed that Chiyu told Taku that he was being bullied. Feeling ashamed, he decides to run ahead home by himself. The next morning he receives his lunch money from his mother, but he must turn on his Neuro Linker before he can receive it and then promptly leaves and heads to school. As soon as he leaves, he is connected onto the global net and is challenged to a match. Confused on what is happening, his Duel Avatar is revealed to be Silver Crow and his opponent, Ash Roller reveals his presence and charges toward Silver Crow.

Due to his limited experience and knowledge of Brain Burst duels, Haru lost his first battle. In the cafeteria, Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki accelerate in order for her to explain in details how duels work, how Duel Avatars are created and the different types of avatars and skills they possess. Realizing that he is still inexperienced, Haru promises to Kuroyukihime that he will always follow her and become stronger. After returning, Megumi asks the relationship between the two as she and the other students are curious to which Kuroyukihime responds that she was simply rejected with Haru responding with a flustered look. When school is finished, Kuroyukihime decides that Haru is now ready for another duel and pushes him outside of the school and its network.

Haru returns as Silver Crow in order to fight against Ash Roller once more, but this time with knowledge of the game and advice that was given by Kuroyukihime. Initially, he gets the upper-hand as he was able to separate Ash Roller from his motorcycle. However, he is able to return to it and the battle shifts in favor of Ash Roller. Silver Crow loses his confidence after his special move, Headbutt fails to damage his opponent. He then remembers Kuroyukihime's words and decides to continue fighting. Crow then takes advantage of a weakness in Ash Roller's motorcycle and finishes him off with another Headbutt, making him the victor. Kuroyukihime congratulates Haru on his first victory, but is interrupted by Chiyuri who has decided to confront her to find the reasons behind her being with Haru.

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)[]

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Crimson Storm Princess Arc[]

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Dusk Robber Arc[]

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Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc[]

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Silver Crow[]

Silver Crow

Silver Crow is Haru's Duel Avatar. It has a humanoid shape with a green faceplate that he can willing open to eat food. For his body, it is mostly colored with silver and is armored with silver. The armor covers most of his body especially around his arms, legs and torso. He also has shoulder guards as well. His most astonishing feature is the wings that he can create on his back allowing him the ability to fly; he is the only known flight-capable Duel Avatar in the entire Accelerated World.

His silver color places him on the metal color chart, giving him decent close-combat abilities. It also grants him defensive properties in line with silver – resistances to slashing, piercing, and heat-based attacks, but weaknesses to blunt, electric-based, corrosion attacks.

Enhanced Armament[]

  • Metatron's Wings – An armament obtained from Metatron. It gives Silver Crow an additional pair of wings. The mechanics of it is currently unknown. When used in conjunction with his Aviation ability, it gives him a tremendous boost in speed.[5]


  • Punch – A basic punching Ability. It's implied that using it powers up his punch, as punching something isn't Ability-worthy. During his first fight with Cyan Pile, he uses this at the end.
  • Kick – A basic kicking Ability. It's implied that using it powers up his kick, such as when he uses his Dive Kick attack.
  • Aviation – A gauge-limited Ability that allows Silver Crow to fly. His wings can be taken out without much, if any, gauge usage. In addition, he is able to float along horizontally without using any gauge. His maximum altitude with a full Special Gauge, as of volume 4, is 1500 meters. It is the only known true flight Ability in the Accelerated World. He gains this Ability as he is being defeated by Cyan Pile.
  • Optical Conduction – By utilizing the inherent properties of his silver Avatar, Silver Crow can redirect light-based attacks. The difficulty of doing this increases as the redirection angle decreases, reaching its peak at pure reflection, or 180 degrees. He gains this Ability out of desperation, attempting to burn through Avocado Avoid's soft exterior to rescue Chocolate Puppeteer.

Special Moves[]

  • Headbutt – By performing a few basic motions, Silver Crow can summon a large amount of energy to his head and use it to deliver an extremely powerful blow at very close range. He has only used this move three times: once against Ash Roller in their second battle, once against Wolfram Cerberus in their second battle, and once during the territory battle against Blaze Heart, Peach Parasol, and Ocher Prison.


  • Dive Kick – A technique that utilizes Aviation and Kick in unison.
  • Aerial Combo – By using his wings to change his direction unpredictably, Silver Crow can perform a "combo" of punches and kicks while bringing himself and his opponent into the air.
  • Guard Reversal – A technique taught to him by Black Lotus. By only moving a little bit in order to dodge attacks, or by blocking, he can parry attacks. He finally masters it during his second battle with Wolfram Cerberus by parrying the metal color's physical attacks into holds and throws.


  • Laser Sword – A first-q­rant firing range expansion-type Incarnate skill. Creates an energy-based sword that extends from his hands.
  • Laser Lance – A first-q­rant firing range expansion-type Incarnate skill. Like Laser Sword, but it extends much farther.
  • Laser Javelin – A first-q­rant firing range expansion-type Incarnate skill. It involves performing Laser Lance first, and then severing his body's connection with the lance. Doing this causes it to shoot out in front of him at a very high speed, but it is difficult to control its trajectory.
  • Light Speed – A second order movement ability expansion-type Incarnate skill. He uses this to fly at incredibly fast speeds. He invents this in order to escape from the Imperial Palace and Suzaku during the rescue of Ardor Maiden.

Network Avatar[]

The avatar

Haru's normal network avatar is a pink pig that is able to walk on two feet. He was initially forced to use this avatar because of his bully, Araya. However, after Araya was expelled, Chiyu questioned to Haru as to why he still uses his pink pig avatar. Haru replied that he had gotten used to it and decided that it would be better to stick with it.


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  • He is often stated to have a habit of staring at a girl's legs, though this can be implied to be because he is often looking down due to his lack of confidence.[citation needed]
  • He is interested in WW2, particularly in German vehicles.[citation needed] He wanted to put a Tiger tank and a BF-109 into Chiyu's world. A model of an Elephant, a German self-propelled gun, can be seen on his shelf.[6] When at the beach, Kuroyukihime is prompted by her friend to show him a fighter plane she saw knowing Haru's interest in military vehicles.[citation needed]


  1. Haru is said to be 10 cm shorter than Takumu,[1] who is said to be 175 cm tall.[2]