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Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden (アクセル・ワールド/デュラル マギサ・ガーデン, Akuseru wārudo/dyuraru magisa gāden?) is a spin-off manga series of Accel World main series written by Kawahara Reki and illustrated by Sasakura Ayato, serialized in Dengeki Daioh, released at the end of every month. Six volumes have been compiled.


Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden follows the adventures of the Mathematics and Martial Arts Research Society ("Enbuken") as they learn and grow in both the real world and the accelerated world. The main characters are Chiaki Chigira (Aluminum Valkyrie), Lilya Usachova (Iris Alice), Yuuko Hoori (Orange Raptor), and Kurumi Kuruma (Violet Dancer).

Characters Unique to Magisa Garden[]

Seibi Academy Enbuken (Skazka Priskazka)

  • Ena Senpai

Seioh Academy student council (Sword of Sodan)

  • Touga Toudou
  • Vanilla Slicer
  • Unnamed Duel Avatar
  • Zircon Paladin

Faceless (←Colorless)

  • Chiaki Chigira's brother (Glass Monarch)
  • Yomi (Pyrite Jobber)
  • Inoa
  • Riku
  • Noriko Washizuka (Brass Eagle)

Other Characters

  • Unnamed bomber-type Duel Avatar
  • Unnamed axe-wielding heavy Duel Avatar
  • Ruddy Raccoon
  • Maroon Balloon

List of Volumes[]

# Release Date ISBN
1 2012-08-27 ISBN 978-4-04-886934-8
2 2013-04-27 ISBN 978-4-04-891617-2
3 2014-01-27 ISBN 978-4-04-866238-3
4 2014-09-27 ISBN : 978-4-04-866839-2
5 2015-05-27 ISBN : 978-4-04-865110-3
6 2016-01-27 ISBN : 978-4-04-865650-4

List of Chapters[]

# Chapter Name Volume Arc
001 Faerie Conclave Volume 1 Introduction Arc
002 Magus of the Arena
003 Nova Chaser
004 Scapeshift
005 Bitterblossom
006 Absolutely Removed from the Freaking Game Forever Vs. Vanilla Slicer Arc
007 Show and Tell Volume 2
008 Wheel and Deal
009 She wished for growth, but not for a way to control it.
010 Avatar of Fury
011 Spirit Link Seioh Academy Arc
012 Banefire
013 Rituals of Rebirth[1]
014 Trade Secrets Lilya Growth Arc
015 Sword of Light and Shadow Volume 3
016 Mighty Emergence
017 Level Up
018 Rise and Fall[2]
019 Chance Encounter Kuroyukihime Arc
020 The Unspeakable
021 Sweet Revenge
022 Enter the Dungeon Legion Quest Arc
023 Battle of Wits Volume 4
024 Macabre Waltz
025 Shrewd Hatchling
026 Shapeshifter
027 Fable of Wolf and Owl
028 Bitter Ordeal
029 Mental Misstep
030 Homeward Path
031 We Are Legion
032 Water Gun Balloon Game
033 Summoning Trap
034 Ach! Hans, Run!
035 Fated Return
036 Noble Benefactor
037 Fact or Fiction
038 Thespian's Stage
039 Showstopper
039.5 Rescue from the Underworld
040 Dig Through Time


  1. This chapter was called "Turn the Tide" in the serialization, but its name was changed in the tankobon
  2. This chapter was called "Rise+Fall" in the serialization, but its name was changed in the tankobon