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Armor of Catastrophe (災禍の鎧, Saika no Yoroi?) is the 7th volume of the Accel World light novel series, published on February 10, 2011.


In order to cleanse Silver Crow (aka Haruyuki), Kuroyukihime and the rest of Nega Nebulus launch an operation to rescue Ardor Maiden. In the midst of this dangerous mission, Silver Crow manages to make contact with Ardor Maiden, but in doing so, he invades the forbidden territory of the Imperial Palace. There he has a vision of Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom--but what do they have to do with Haruyuki?!


Chapter 1[]

During the eleventh month since the birth of Brain Burst, one of the Originators, Chrome Falcon, managed to infiltrate the Imperial Palace, which was said to be impenetrable. Using his «Flash Blink» ability consecutively, but in exchange dropping his Hit Points (HP) to a dangerously low level, he was forced to avoid battling with any Enemies while inside. And as he went deeper into the Palace, he found two pedestals and two single-use portals linking outside of the Palace behind each pedestal stone. One pedestal was labeled «The Infinity», a sword, while the other was labeled «The Destiny», an armor. After considering his partner, Saffron Blossom, he chose "The Destiny" in order to boost Saffron's defense significantly. Upon taking «The Destiny», the portal behind it enveloped him.

At Saffron Blossom and Chrome Falcon's home in the Unlimited Neutral Field, located on the corner of the Minato Ward, Blossom scolded Falcon for not returning immediately the same way he entered, yet still praised him for his bravery in entering the Palace. Because of his fear of losing Saffron Blossom, he asked her the reason she chose him as her partner despite his lack of special abilities. Blossom reminded Falcon that he was the one who invited her, and she returned the question as to the reason he choose her as his partner despite her weakness against high-powered Burst Linkers. Giving a vague answer, he changed the topic by inviting her to look at the sunset after they had finished their tea.

During the sunset, they talked about various topics, including the Unlimited Neutral Field and the fate of people who lost all their Burst Points. Blossom confessed that she wanted to have a Child of her own, and Falcon also confessed that he want to start a mutual aid legion that would provide Points for children who are running low on them and have them repay the borrowed Points in the future. Though Blossom showed concern about his system, Falcon encouraged her that it would indeed be possible. Afterward, Falcon gave «The Destiny» to Saffron Blossom.

Afterward, Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom tried to recruit their friends to join their newly established legion so they could achieve their dream. But unfortunately, they were trapped by their own friends. They asked for Black Vise's help to bind Chrome Falcon while the others put Saffron Blossom into a state of Infinite Enemy Kill (Infinite EK)[† 1]. Even though «The Destiny», armor with an extremely high capacity to nullify most attack types, is one of The Seven Arcs, the Hell Worm «Jörmungandr», a Legend-class Enemy, was a corrosive-type, one of the weaknesses of metal-type avatars, so its defense capabilities were rendered useless.

After quite some time, Chrome Falcon managed to break through Black Vise's Static Pressure with his special ability «Flash Blink» and immediately ran towards Saffron Blossom to protect her. When Chrome Falcon had reached Saffron Blossom, she used her special ability «Petal Shelter» to protect them from the Enemy for 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds, Saffron Blossom apologized to Chrome Falcon for always relying on him and asked him to kill her as her remaining Points numbered seven, thus confirming her retirement from the Accelerated World. Chrome Falcon sorrowfully killed her and acquired «The Destiny» in doing so. After losing Saffron Blossom, he lost his meaning to live and, due to his overwhelming anger, he began to emit a negative aura. He first killed the Enemy that had been killing Saffron Blossom and obtained another Enhanced Armament, «Star Caster». He immediately equipped it, then released all his anger, corrupting «The Destiny» and «Star Caster» and combining them into one Enhanced Armament, «The Disaster». He then attacked the Burst Linkers in the area, and, though they tried to escape through a nearby portal, only one managed to escape and spread the news of Chrome Falcon's actions.

Afterward, Falcon accepted every challenge given to him until, due to mental exhaustion, his win ratio began to fall. Once his Points had decreased to a dangerous level, he was eliminated from the Accelerated World by several legions, led by their Kings. But, before he was eliminated, he cursed the Accelerated World with «The Disaster», an armor that contained all of his anger and sorrow from losing Saffron Blossom.

Chapter 2[]

Silver Crow woke up after the dream featuring the accident on chapter one ended. He sees the star above, and then talked about it with Ardon Maiden who is trapped in the imperial palace with him. Ardon Maiden explain that the stars that is in the Accelerated World is a replica from the one in the real world, and since the stars is beautiful, all major legion took their name from the phenomone on space. And back to discuss their situation, they decided to explore the Imperial Palace since the door is now locked with a seal, which may be chopped off when they enter the Palace, and they want to find more about the reason of the broken seal when they get in.

Silver Crow and Ardon Maiden penetrated to the inner shrine smoothly due Silver Crow's vague memories of Chrome Falcon exploration. And at the inner shrine, even though the enemies patrol pattern were very complex, they managed to get through without spotted by the enemies due to the memories of Chrome Falcon. After getting through the inner shrine, they arrived at a fairly big room that could resemble a final boss room. Inside, they found two vacant pedestal, which each of them written "The Destiny" and "The Infinity", two of The Seven Arcs. And as they counted the number of known point of the Seven Arcs, they realized that the last one are missing. Immediatly after, a boy came out and offered himself to explain the missing arc.

Chapter 3[]

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  1. Infinite Enemy Kill is a state where one will be killed by an Enemy as soon as they revive until all of their Points are exhausted. Those who get stuck in Infinite EK usually do not survive unless someone else helps them escape.