Consolidation (Renketsu 連結) is the twenty-third episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired September 14th 2012 in Japan.


On the day of the battle, Chiyuri asks Haruyuki and Takumu to join them on the field so she can see the battle to the end. As the sudden death duel begins between Haruyuki, Takumu and Seiji, Haruyuki is ambushed by an ally of Seiji's, Black Vise, who possesses a deceleration ability. As Haruyuki remains trapped, Takumu takes on Seiji using his new incarnate ability, «Cyan Blade», managing to overcome Seiji's Demonic Commandeer ability and slice off one of his arms. Seiji explains that he was bullied by his older brother, driving him to become more powerful and get his revenge. He then proceeds to take Chiyuri hostage and torture her, causing Takumu to lose his will to fight. As Haruyuki laments the hopelessness of the situation, he manages to regain his resolve and break free from Black Vise's grip. As Seiji prepares to finish off Takumu, he is stopped by the arrival of Kuroyukihime, who managed to enter the field from Okinawa using the Enhanced Armament she got from Sulfur Pot. Engaging battle with Black Vise, Kuroyukihime encourages Haruyuki to stand up and defeat Seiji.

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