Determination (Ketsui 決意) is the twenty-second episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired September 7th 2012 in Japan.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Blood Leopard decides to enter herself and Haruyuki into a tournament to lure outRust Jigsaw, also explaining to Haru how overusing the Incarnate System can bring him closer to darkness. Sure enough, Rust Jigsaw comes to challenge them, but Haru and Blood Leopard manage to overcome his tricks and defeat him. After the match is finished, the two return to the real world to seek out Rust Jigsaw's user, but end up losing him. The next day, Haru decides to talk to Chiyuri, who had started participating in battles with Seiji, swearing to take back what Seiji had stolen from her. As Haru analyses what information he had learnt so far, who deduces from Rust Jigsaw's actions that Seiji was using an illegal brain implant chip to hide from the matching lists. As Haru confronts Seiji with this knowledge, Seiji suggests they settle things in an all stakes battle in which they wager all of their burst points.

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