Imagination (Omokage 面影) is the sixteenth episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired July 27th 2012 in Japan.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sky Raker explains to Silver Crow that although he had lost his wings, he may be able to fly if he learns to use the 'incarnate system', which allows avatars to use certain powers through their willpower alone. Later that night, Raker explains how her jumping ability led to an obsession to want to fly, leading her to ask Kuroyukihime to cut off her legs. As the training begins, Raker first tasks Silver Crow with climbing up the large tower where Raker's abode is, which proves difficult when the changing field turns the tower into metal. However, Haru soon starts to use his willpower to learn how to pierce into the metal, also taking into consideration what Kuroyukihime told him about his speed. On the 7th day, Haru finally puts what he had learnt to practice and reaches the top of the tower. The next day, Raker meets up with Haruyuki to give him her enhanced armament, «Gale Thruster», with Haruyuki promising to regain his flight using his own power so he can return it to her some day.

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