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Transformation (Hen'i 変移) is the second episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired April 11th 2012 in Japan.


Silver Crow being thrown in the air.

Haruyuki suddenly appears in a destroyed apocalyptic looking area, and looks around to see himself reflected in a piece of metal, however it isn't his body. He see's that he has been Accelerated. Suddenly another Avatar appears named «Ash Roller» who then chases and runs him over on his motorbike. At lunch, Haruyuki tells Kuroyukihime about what happened, to which she laughs and then tells him that she did warn him about logging into the Global Net before getting to school that day, and comments on how it will be easier to explain to him what Brain Burst is. She then helps explain to Haru the rules of Brain Burst where users fight others to gain points to accelerate.

Haruyuki's expression after Kuroyukihime saying he rejected her.

Kuroyukihime tells him to accelerate, and challenge her to a duel that will end in a draw so not to lose points. When Kuroyukihime sees his Brain Burst avatar, «Sliver Crow», comments that his Avatar is a reflection of all his insecurities. Kuroyukihime offers the chance to return to his normal life due to the bullies being gone, however, Haruyuki declines as he wishes to repay her for helping him due to her singling him out. After they log out, Kuroyukihime explains to Mugumi and some others after they ask her relationship with Haruyuki, claiming she confessed to him but he rejected her, much to the students surprise and Haruyuki's horror. Afterwards, Haruyuki complains to Kuroyukihime, to which she said she was telling the truth, and then sending him an image of his reaction.

Silver Crow using Headbutt.

Kuroyukihime then tells him to get ready to challenge Ash Roller again. Armed with new knowledge by Kuroyukihime, «Sliver Crow» logs into Brain Burst to have his rematch with «Ash Roller». After waiting and then performing a surprise attack, «Sliver Crow» runs to the top of a building, hoping to win by timeout since «Ash Roller» can't climb buildings due to his motorcycle. However, «Ash Roller» upgraded his motorcycle to climb walls with his level-up bonus, where he runs over «Sliver Crow» repeatedly. After suffering from his attacks, Haruyuki remembers Kuroyukihime explaining to Haruyuki the differences in Avatar Colors, and how each color symbolises different abilities with them, to which he then works out «Ash Roller»'s weakness; his motorcycle, which he lifts the rear wheel off the ground to immobilize and finish him off with a headbutt, winning the fight and impressing the other Burst Linkers watching them. As «Sliver Crow» log outs proud with his victory, Chiyuri confronts Kuroyukihime, demanding to know if she is manipulating Haruyuki.


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