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Acceleration (Kasoku 加速) is the first episode of the Accel World Anime. It aired April 6th 2012 in Japan.


Haru playing Virtual Squash

Arita Haruyuki is in class, when he gets an email from Araya, one of the bullies at his school, telling him to get his lunch, and meet him on the school roof at lunch. After Haruyuki complied to the request, he then went to a male bathrooms and lock himself to one of the room thereto vent his frustration and enters the school's virtual world where he always gets high scores in virtual squash. Haruyuki's childhood friend, Kurashima Chiyuri, appears and sees his score, telling him that he's an idiot, and then suggesting that he link out so, to which he declines as Chiyuri then links out. As Haruyuki is about to play another game, he is forcefully De-Linked by Chiyuri, who punched him in the head in his toilet room after finding where he had hidden from Araya and his gang. Chiyuri then suggests that he should report the bullying to the school and have lunch with her but he refuses her, taking it as pity, and pushes her away causing the basket full of sandwiches that she was holding to fall onto the floor spilling the content. As Haru runs away, he turns and see Chiyuri crying, making him feel guilty.

Kuroyukihime appearing before Haruyuki.

As he returns to play squash again, he discovers his high scores has been beaten by Kuroyukihime, the popular Student Council Vice-President who invites him for lunch tomorrow to "change his reality". The next day at lunch, Haruyuki appears at the designated area, where 1st year students normally aren't allowed. As Haruyuki is looking around, Megumi notices him, and asks if he needs help. Kuroyukihime then comments, saying that she asked him to be there. Afterward, Kuroyukihime introduces Haruyuki to Brain Burst, a program that allows users to "accelerate" their brain waves to make time appear to stand still. However, Araya and his gang arrives for Haruyuki's lunch, to which Kuroyukihime then provokes him to hit Haruyuki. Before Araya hits Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime tells him to say "Burst Link" which then logs him into Brain Burst. While in Brain Burst, Kuroyukihime explains that they are in a 3-Dimensional Replica of the real world, which is made thanks to the many Social Cameras in the area, she then advises Haruyuki to let Araya punch him so that he can get caught out. She tells him to roll with the punch so that the school's cameras and nearby witnesses will catch Araya violently attacking them, ending Haruyuki's bullying. Haruyuki agrees to do as she instructs which ends with Araya and his gang detained by security.

Haruyuki with Chiyuri and Takumu on their way home.

As Haruyuki and Chiyuri heads home, they meet up with Mayuzumi Takumu, Haruyuki's other childhood friend and Chiyuri's boyfriend. After Takumu comments on Chiyuri's sandwiches, Haruyuki runs away when he thinks he Chiyuri told Takumu about the bullying. Later that night, Haruyuki has a nightmare of being bullied and Chiyuri and Takumu pitying him which he wishes to fly free from his torment before waking up. Despite being told by Kuroyukihime not to go online, Haruyuki forgets, accidentally goes online for his pocket money, and steps out of his home where he is suddenly transported into a war-torn world with a new robotic looking avatar body named «Silver Crow».


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